YUPO Synthetic Paper

Unique Printing Techniques – “Branch Out” with yupo synthetic paper

Yupo Touch of Nature

If you’re in need of a waterproof, tear- and stain-resistant, solution for a project that calls for more performance than regular paper can offer, contact us and our team can show you how to “do it on yupo.”

You may have seen our recent TOUCH of nature ad insert. We hope you are as excited about yupo as we were during the process of creating this insert. We are constantly looking for bold new ways to use yupo and to serve as an inspiration for your next print, package or design project.

To successfully illustrate just one of the unique techniques you can do on yupo, we teamed up with the print professionals at Classic Color in Chicago. Their expertise and our technical team came together to showcase the boldly intricate texture and color of the image and the functionality of the paper.

Click here for a printing demonstration.

So Much More than Paper

Yupo is recognized worldwide for being a leading manufacturer of synthetic paper, but our area of influence goes far beyond that. Our research and development team is continually and consistently developing new grades and applications.

You’ll find that when you choose yupo for any print, package, label or design project, you’ll have access to our technical team for all the assistance you need, from choosing the right grade, to coming up with a new innovation that makes you stand out. Why get stuck with plain old pulp paper when you can choose the bright white, smooth, exceptional yupo synthetic paper.

Contact Classic Color at www.classic-color.com or 708-484-0000.
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