YUPO Synthetic Paper

Eliminate bottle-to-label color matching with YUPOUltraClear™.
YUPOUltraClear™ is an IML option that resists scratching, fading and flagging and gives you added control over your design. Because it has a beautiful, ultra-clear, no-label look, you can bring excitingly unique label sizes and multi-colored bottles to the table with confi dence that your product will clearly shine on retail shelves and stand out among competitors.

YUPOUltraClear™ Attributes:
YUPOUltraClear™ possesses the attributes that designers, brand managers and manufacturers require for extraordinary results:

  • YUPOUltraClear™ for a no-label lookEliminates bottle to color matching – always exact resin color allowing your brands true colors to show through
  • Allows for multi-color bottle creation – not possible before
  • Increased label size possibilities – more space for brand message
  • More control over your visual design language
  • Like all other IML options, YUPOUltraClear™ reduces cost compared to other decoration methods

Product Availability
YUPOUltraClear™ IML custom sizes are manufactured to fit your needs, from small quantities to truckloads.

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