YUPO Synthetic Paper

By A Web Design Company


YUPO Synthetic Paper is 100% recyclable, waterproof and tree-free, with attributes and properties that make it the perfect solution for a variety of marketing, design, packaging and labeling needs.

Designers, Project Managers
Do you have a project that needs a beautiful, smooth, bright white waterproof paper? A brochure that needs to have a longer shelf life? A map that the client’s customer can take camping, hiking or on the water? Or do you have a project that has to be childproof, i.e. it can’t be torn and can be wiped clean? It’s time for you to “do it on YUPO!”
Manufacturers, Brand Managers, Package Designers
Do you have a product that needs the brand presence of a brilliantly custom blow-molded bottle? One that needs an in-mold label solution that results in drastic source reduction and beautifully scratch- and scuff-resistant packaging that will make your product pop off the shelf? Or maybe you have a tagging, packaging or technical synthetic substrate need that, with the right solution, could lead to an innovative new presence for your brand? It’s time for you to “do it on YUPO!”
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